Ethernet Modem for NCD Long Range Wireless Sensors

Use the NCD Ethernet Modem with NCD Long Range Wireless Sensors over your local area network.  The NCD Ethernet Modem connects to your local area network and receives sensor data from NCD sensors supporting a single client connection.  Simply open up the IP Address, Port 2101, of the Ethernet Modem and start receiving data from NCD long range wireless sensors.  Use Alpha Station for testing on a Windows 10 computer.  The NCD network settings also support a Static IP Address and a integrated web page for Ethernet configuration as well as a desktop application for recovery.   Install multiple modems onto a single network to cover longer distances or multiple floors of a building.  All NCD Modems also acts as a repeater for NCD Long Range Wireless Sensors to extend range.  No additional settings are required as this is a passive feature of the device once powered up.